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Contact details

Street: Karpfangerstr. 14
City: D-20459 Hamburg
Country: Germany
Web site:
Contact: Detlev Fischer
Email: (delete "REMOVE")
Telephone: +49-(0)40-36 47 80
Fax: +49-(0)40-36 47 99

About BMT

BMT Transport Solutions GmbH is a subsidiary of British Maritime Technology Ltd (BMT) offering strategic business advice to the transport sector and developing sustainable, efficient and effective European transport solutions.

BMT Transport Solutions is active in the following areas:

  • Forecasting and Simulating Transport Flows. Trade and traffic forecasts, transport infrastructure & bottlenecks analyses.
  • Reorganising Transport Processes. Improvement of efficiency and quality especially in intermodal transport chains.
  • Supporting Regional Development. Analyses of infrastructure, development of efficient and sustainable solutions for traffic, transport and tourism.
  • Applying Information Technology. Process optimisation in ports, terminals and in the transport chain, transport telematics, SmardCard applications, standardisation.
  • Developing and Managing Projects. Project support from first concepts to full co-ordination.


Together with Uniconsult, BMT carries out parts of activity(5) North Sea Aviation Co-operation Network. This involves the creation and maintenance of this web site as well as the development of hard-copy project information and dissemination material.

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