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International Airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem

Contact details

Street: Luchthavenstraat 1
City: B-8560 Wevelgem
Country: Belgium
Web site:
Contact: Marc Huysman
Telephone: +32 56 35 14 12
Fax: +32 56 35 40 59

About International Airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem

The International Airport Airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem (Flanders International Airport) can handle all aircraft above 2.5 tons MTOW (from PA31 to B737-400). It offers A/C exterior cleaning on request, catering facilities, crew lounge with TV, customs/police escort, hotel reservation, jetfuel and avgas on the spot (during week-end and national holidays 24h in advance on request, limousine & car rental, meeting room, passenger & crew assistance, weather & flightplanning.

Airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem task in SEAPLANE

In its role as SEAPLANE consultant, Airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem carries out activity (4) Impact and Implementation of EU airport safety and security regulations.

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