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Contact details

P.O.Box: 6110, Etterstad
City: N-0602 Oslo
Country: Norway
Web site:
Contact: Jon Inge Lian
Telephone: +47-22 57 38 00
Fax: +47-22 57 02 90

About TOI

The Institute of Transport Economics (Transportřkonomisk institutt, TŘI) is a national institution for transport research and development. The Institute was set up in 1958, firstly as a Government secretariat and later (from 1963) as a separate research institution under the auspices of the Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (NTNF, now merged into the Research Council of Norway). In 1986 the Institute became a private, independent research foundation. The Institute receives its annual base funding from the Research Council of Norway, Division of Culture and Society.

The main objectives of the Institute are to carry out applied research on issues connected with transport and to promote the application of research results by advising the authorities, the transport industry and the public at large. Its sphere of activity includes most of the current major issues in road, rail, sea and air transport. The Institute is also involved in international cooperation within the transport sector.

Special emphasis is placed on the practical application of research results, and most of the studies and projects carried out here are commissioned. In Norway most of the clients are central government bodies and local authorities, with some commissions from the private sector. Major clients are the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Public Roads Administration and the Research Council of Norway. In recent years a number of transport studies have been carried out in Africa and Asia for the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). The Institute also carries out research for public authorities in other countries and for international organisations.


TOI is involved in carrying out activity (1) Status Analysis and Future Developments of the North Sea Air Transport Network and activity (2) Airport Quality Improvement and Development Strategy covering the Norwegian airports included in SEAPLANE. The rest of the airports is analysed by Uniconsult.

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