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SEAPLANE networking event, Lerwick, 20-22 April 2005

The second networking event was held in Lerwick, on the Shetland Islands, and focused on SEAPLANE topics such as:

  • financial support for the inauguration of new routes (PSO and RDF)
  • development of regional brands to stimulate tourism to the benefit of the region's and airport's development
  • SEAPLANE resolution on EUROPEAN peripheral regions

By joining representatives of the Shetland Islands Council and other regional authorities within the group of SEAPLANE Partners, the dissemination of the SEAPLANE project outputs and results continued. The know-how on financial support of air transport in this peripheral region has achieved an advanced level at the Regional Authorities. This know-how was shared with SEAPLANE partners, who face similar challenges.

Knowledge on branding of a region was shared by a representative of a former SEABIRD project partner, the City of Rovaniemi (known as St. Claus' home). The Rovaniemi experience was compared with the initiative of the Shetland Islands Council.

Below, the presentations held during the Lerwick networking event are available for download. Please note that some of the documents are very large (size is indicated for each file)

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