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Bremen coat of armsMinistry for Economy and Ports, Bremen

Contact details

Street: Zweite Schlachtpforte 3
City: D-28195 Bremen
Country: Germany
Web site:
Contact 1: Mr. Holger Stelter
Telephone: +49 421 361 8838
Fax: +49 421 496 8838
Contact 2: Mr. Andreas Krüger
Telephone: +49 421 361 8446
Fax: +49 421 496 8446

Outline of air transport in Bremen

Bremer StadtmusikantenBremen and Bremerhaven airports in the geographic contecxt of GermanyBremen, the smallest federal state of Germany, consists of the two cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. This so called "Two-city-State" is completely surrounded by the Lower-Saxony Region and experiences, with its location close to the north sea and along the Weser river, an advantageous situation on all sea and river bound forms of trade (inland, export and import).

As Bremen is not really located in the geographical centre of FRG, all earthbound transport systems to and from Bremen mean relatively extended length of travel, and connection to the inland and also international air transport system is essential for all kinds of economical issues relevant for Bremen and Bremerhaven. So Bremen International Airport and Bremerhaven Regional Airport are integral parts of the supraregional transport infrastructure network.

Location of Bremen and Bremerhaven airportBoth airports are central germs, basis' and arguments for location policy and additionally provide important reasons for available companies to adhere to location in the region (including those in the lower-saxon surroundings of Bremen). Besides Bremen International Airport, - by the way - as founded in 1913, one of the oldest still existing, provides relations to the most important European hubs not only for Bremen but not least for the whole lower-saxon region adjacent in the west and north-west.

The City of Bremen is an important location for aviation, air and space travel technologies. At the Airbus factories located at Bremen Airport integral components (e.g. installation of interior wing devices for all Airbus series) are produced. Additionally a choice of companies provide essential parts for US- or European space travel projects.

The City of Bremen and its airport are also home and native site of Lufthansa Flight Training, professional airline pilot training organisation and cradle of numerous cockpit crew members all over the world.

In national and trans-national co-operation with several airline pilot schools the Bremen University for applied sciences offers a course of science to achieve a certificate as engineer for aviation management as well as an airline pilot licence.

Participating airports

Flughafen Bremen GmbH

Postbox: Postfach 28 61 52
City: D-28361 Bremen
Web site:
Contact 1: Herrn Rolf D. König
Telephone: +49-4 21-55 95-2 08
Fax: +49-4 21-55 95-4 67

Flugplatzbetriebs-Gesellschaft Bremerhaven mbh

Street: Am Luneort 15
City: D-27572 Bremerhaven
Web site:
Contact 1: Mr. Bernd Sahr
Telephone: +49-4 71-9 72 34-0
Fax: +49-4 71-9 72 34-49

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