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City: S-29792 Everöd
Country: Sweden
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Jörgen Karlström
Telephone: +46 44 23 88 69
Fax: +46 44 23 88 92

Outline of Kristianstad and its surroundings

Overview of Kristianstad area and location of airportThe history of Kristianstad area is to a high degree characterized by the time it was the borderland between Sweden and Denmark. Lots of ancients monuments have connections to this historic era. Not the least Kristianstad town itself that was founded by the Danish King Christian IV in 1614.

Since ancient times the Kristianstad plain downstream of the river "Helgeån" has been an agricultural district with lush graze meadows along reed-lined water courses.

The industrial development has had an influence on the area since the later part of the 18th century. In the 19th century, a large railroad network was constructed.

The fortress city of Kristianstad was built as a city for handicraft and trade. The tradition of trade has been maintained, and people from all over the northeast area of region Skane do their shopping in Kristianstad.

Food industry and agriculture together with public- and civil administration, trade and services form the basis for working life. It is the good farmland of the Kristianstad plain that has formed the growth of a range of food industries. It's not without reason that Kristianstad is called "The food center of Sweden".

The Kristianstad municipality is part of the Oresund Region that is one of the fastest growing regions in northern Europe.

The main focus in economics and industry is on food, agriculture, trade and services. In addition, the polymeric industry, the IT-sector, public administration, the education sector and the care and treatment sector involve a lot of people.

Kristianstad and its airportThe cultural life in Kristianstad is varied. There are, among others, a theater, a chamber music hall, a regional museum, a film museum, a house for the culture (Barbacka) and two art galleries. In the city center there are more then 50 restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars and a cinema filmcity (Kosmorama) with 5 separate lounges.

In direct connection with Kristianstad city is the world-famous "Waterland of Kristianstad". The wetland area alongside the river "Helgeån" is 35 km long and internationally reknown.

In the vincinity of Kristianstad city are no less then five golf courses. All beautifully blend into the landscape while having different characters and different degrees of difficulty.

Kristianstad is the centre point of the south Baltic Sea. Shipping, air transport, rail and road all meet here to make Kristianstad the prime place to start or end your travels.

Kristianstad Airport

Kristianstad Airport is an important part of the regional transport system. Domestic traffic to Stockholm/Arlanda is carried out by the airline Skyways. They fly seven roundtrips a day on weekdays and somewhat less on Saturdays and Sundays. The international traffic to Lithuania/Palanga now incoroperates Gothenburg in the network. The airline DirektFlyg fly the route three days a week, Mon-Wed-Fri.

During 2003 we have had two charterflights to Budapest, one at Easter time and one in November at the WineFestival. The future development of the airport focuses on domestic traffic to Stockholm, regional traffic across the Baltic Sea and charter traffic to holidays resorts.

The easy access to Kristianstad makes it "the place" to meet, to establish and to build one´s future - our common future.

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