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Kronoberg coat of armsKronoberg County Council     

Contact details

Street: Ingelstadsvägen 9
City: S-35188 Växjö
Country: Sweden
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Björn Johansson
Telephone: +46-470 588591
+46-709 844591
Fax: +46-470 588563

Outline of Kronoberg County

Overview of Kronoberg county and location of Växjö airportKronoberg is situated in the southern part of Sweden and is one of the smallest counties with appr. 177 000 inhabitants. Kronoberg is one of three counties in Småland. The county consists of eight municipalities. Växjö, the county capital, is the largest one with appr. 74.000 inhabitants and Lessebo the smallest with 8.300 inhabitants. Kronoberg county makes up 2,1% of the Swedish area and includes 2,1% of the Swedish population. The population density is only 21 inh/km2.

The county is small-scale in many ways. It has many small villages and towns, and many small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of the enterprises operate in manufacturing. The best-known and the biggest are Kalmar Industries (lift trucks), Volvo Articulated Haulers and Strålfors (computer acessories). One of the best-known companies worldwide is IKEA, who have it's origin in the municpality of Älmhult and still have more than 2.000 employees there.

Carl von Linné bust in VäxjöPeople are very healthy and become very old in the county. The life expancy at birth is 78 years for men and 82 years for women.

The county is closely connected to the Swedish national network of roads and railroads. The E4 is crossing the county in the west and the main railroad from Stockholm to Malmö crosses the county from north to south. An east-west rail connection from Kalmar to Göteborg is also passing. Direct trains several times a day link Vxj to Kastrup/Copenhagen airport.

The famous scientist Carl von Linné, the king of flowers, was born in Stenbrohult, Älmhult municpality. Today many people visit his birthplace. 2007 is his 300th birthday with many events all over Sweden. Many tourists also visit the Kingdom of Crystal in the eastern part of the county. More than 600.000 people visit the cultural landscape around the glassworks and buy beautiful glass at bargain prices. Many of them start or finish their visit at the Swedish Glass Museum in Växjö.

Participating airport:

Växjö Flygplats AB

City: SE-355 93 Växjö
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Jan Fors, Managing Director
Telephone: +46-4 70-75 85 10

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