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Møre og Romsdal coat of armsMøre og Romsdal fylke     

Contact details

Street: Fylkeshuset
City: N-6404 Molde
Country: Norway
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Atle Reinsberg
Telephone: +47 71 258746
Fax: +47 71 258753

Outline of air transport in Møre og Romsdal fylke:

Scenic view from the county of Møre og RomsdalThe county of Møre and Romsdal has nearly 250.000 inhabitants. The county is a major exporting county in Norway. Key branches are fishing, fish industry and fish farming, the marine sector (shipbuilding), the mechanical industry, and the production of furniture.

Because of long travelling distances and the lack of railway connections, air transport is crucial for connecting the county to central parts of Norway. Statistically, inhabitants in Møre and Romsdal travel more by plane than the Norwegian average. Møre and Romsdal has four airports. Three of them are included in the Seaplane project. All four airports are owned and run by Avinor AS, not the regional authorities for the county. Avinor is a state-owned limited company and owns 46 airports in Norway.

Airport 2004 Domestic passengers (including transfer) 2004 International passengers (including charter and transfer) 2004 Offshore passengers (helicopter transport serving oil platforms)
Ålesund 624.620 36.999
Molde 315.052 5.107
Kristiansund 210.514 3.973 62.885

Air traffic services

All regular routes are served by SAS/Braathens, using Boing 737 and on a few destinations Fokker 50.


Regular domestic routes: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim. International: Allicante

Charter flights: Mallorca, Crete, Rhodos, Lancarote, Canary Island, Antalya

The Seaplane analysis estimates a potential for a new regular route Ålesund - Copenhagen. Such a route will give access to an international hub. Also showing potential for new charter destinations to Monastir in Tunis and Hurghada in Egypt.


Regular domestic routes: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim. International Barcelona (only during summer, started 2004)

Charter flights: Crete


Regular domestic routes: Oslo, Bergen

Charter flights: Romania, Mallorca (starting summer 2005)

Participating airports:

Avinor Ålesund lufthavn (AES)

Postbox: 115
City: N-6040 Vigra
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Tor Haande
Telephone: +47 70 11 48 40
Fax: +47-70-18 37 38

Avinor Molde lufthavn (MOL)

City: N-6421 Molde
Web site:
Contact: Mr. John Offenberg
Telephone: +47 71 21 47 82
Fax: +47-71-21 47 77

Avinor Kristiansund lufthavn (KSU)

City: N-6517 Kristiansund
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Ole Kristian Pettersen
Telephone: +47 71 68 30 51
Fax: +47 71 68 30 59

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