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Contact details

Street: Västra Esplanaden 18
City: S-35112 Växjö
Country: Sweden
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Anders Franzen
Telephone: +46 470 41591
Fax: +46 470 41580

Living Växjö - The Capital of Crystal and Furniture Country

Växjö is the centre of a dynamic region. The favourable business climate and the well-known inventiveness in Småland create growth and confidence in the future. Successful co-operation between business, the municipality and the university has prepared the way for many exciting developments. In Vaxjö, companies flourish in close co-operation with other local agencies. Växjö is recognised as being one of the best places in Sweden to locate a business. There are around 6,800 small, medium and large companies in Växjö.

As well as being a centre for business and trade, Växjö is a place for shopping and the proximity to Crystal and Furniture Country make Växjö a regional centre for tourism. Astrid Lindgren's World in nearby Vimmerby attracts over a million visitors a year to the region. Over the years, world famous artists and skilful glassblowers have established Sweden as one of the leaders in glass design. The Swedish Glass Museum is located in Växjö where visitors can experience the best of Swedish glass design. In the well-known Furniture Country, centred on Lammhult, there is a long tradition of furniture manufacture and a unique concentration of all the facets of the industry.

Växjö offers a wide range of cultural experiences from musicals and theatre to symphony orchestras, jazz and rock. Regular events attract audiences all year round. There are more than a dozen music venues and theatres and over 50 restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars, many of which are known nationwide for their food, concept and atmosphere.

Fast Connections

Reaching Växjö from almost anywhere is easy. Road, rail and air all meet here. This makes Växjö the communications hub in southern Sweden. The six national road routes, along with frequent train and airconnections, mean that many cities within Sweden or the rest of Europe are only a couple of hours away. Växjö airport also has daily charter flights. The bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen has simplified the journey from Denmark and other European countries. Electronic communications are also well developed. Växjö municipality is making the most ambitious broadband investment in Sweden: a broadband network for community and business for the whole municipality.

Participating airport:

Växjö Flygplats AB

City: SE-355 93 Växjö
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Jan Fors, Managing Director
Telephone: +46-4 70-75 85 10

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