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Vest-Agder coat of armsVest-Agder Fylkeskommune     

Contact details

Servicebox: 517
City: N-4605 Kristiansand
Country: Norway
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Jon Halvard Eide
Telephone: +47 380 74732
Fax: +47-3807504

Outline of air transport in Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune

Vest-Agder and Kristiansand lufhavn KjevikThe county of Vest-Agder has a population of 159.320 and is one of 19 counties in Norway. The administrative capital of the county is Kristiansand with 75.000 inhabitants (5th largest city in Norway), situated about 330 km from Oslo in the northeast and 240 km from Stavanger in the northwest. Vest-Agder has got one airport with scheduled flights - Kristiansand airport Kjevik. This airport is also covering the neighbouring county of Aust-Agder (pop: 103.000), and has a catchment area of appr.240.000. Kjevik airport is owned and operated by the state limited company Avinor (previously the Civil Aviation Authority).

The airport has scheduled flights to the Norwegian cities Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and to Copenhagen in Denmark. The domestic flights are operated by the airline SAS/Braathens and Maersk Air operates the Copenhagen service (also in the Star Alliance group). The number of passengers per year is currently 737.000 (of which 60 % are going to Oslo). Kjevik is the 8th airport in Norway in terms of traffic. The traffic declined by 11 % from 2001 - 2002 - more than the average decline for Norwegian airports.

The relative closeness to Oslo (330 km) and Stavanger (240 km), in combination with improved roads and bus services to these cities the recent years are limiting the potential for air transport to/from the region. Also, the 1998 re-location of Oslo airport from Fornebu (only 8 km outside Oslo) to Gardermoen (45 km outside) has made air transport less competitive in relation to cars, buses and trains. The lack of competition between airlines at Kjevik airport represents a major challenge for air transport in the region - resulting in high prices, poor frequency and few destinations.

Besides, the state has in recent years not been able to prioritise necessary investments at the airport. State ownership of the airport is furthermore restricting the scope for local influence and initiatives when it comes to develop the airport. The Municipality of Kristiansand, the two county councils of Aust- and Vest-Agder, the business community in the region and Avinor have recently initiated a co-operation in order to develop Kjevik airport - including efforts to attract new airlines and establishing new routes. The new airline Norwegian has decided to open a service to Oslo early next year, and KLM will open a daily service to Amsterdam from March 2004.

Participating airport:

Kristiansand Lufthavn Kjevik

City: N-4656 Kjevik
Web site:
Contact 1: Mr. Leif Sakariassen, Airport Manager
Contact 2: Mr. Tor Helge Strand, Regional Director in Avinor
Telephone: +47 38 06 56 30
Fax: +47 38 06 31 22

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